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The Dallas / Fort Worth area is buzzing with B2B activity!

“B2B Referrals Networking” refers to growing your own business by meeting new people and helping each other grow through relationship building and referrals. For new businesses, small businesses, independent agents and solopreneurs, business to business referrals networking is one of the most powerful things you can do to make your business successful.

B2B Referrals Networking isn’t about selling to the group, though that can certainly happen. Instead, it is an opportunity to build relationships with group members, familiarize them with your services (and you with theirs), and evangelize FOR EACH OTHER.

People give referrals to those that they Know Like and Trust. And word-of-mouth advertising that says “I know this company and I trust them” is absolutely invaluable.

Studies show that you have up to a 95 percent chance of closing a sale through a personal introduction as opposed to 5 percent with cold-marketing.

I’m a huge advocate of B2B Referrals Networking groups; And if you join the right groups, and follow a few simple tips, you will be too.

Pete Groman
Namorgy Network Solutions LLC

Namorgy Network Solutions LLC is dedicated to providing cost-effective IT Managed Services to small and midsize businesses. With our comprehensive approach to proactive care, we are your source for all things IT. Fully committed to customer service excellence, our fast and friendly team is here to give you the best service possible.
  • Don’t sell TO the group, sell THROUGH the group.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Brand yourself.
  • Be memorable.
  • Be personable.
  • Schedule 1:1 meetings often.
  • And most importantly – Help others grow.

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When you have your "1:1 meetings" or "Make A Friend Meetings", try using the following agenda/checklist

Need to find a group that fits your schedule, business type and personality? There are opportunities almost every day in every city.

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